Barbeque Tuneup

Replacing the burner in your barbeque is simple and quick and will make your barbeque work like new.

Bathroom Faucet Replacement

Replace an old, worn out bathroom faucet / tap with a new one. It's easy!

Car Taillight Patch

An easy way to repair small cracks in your car's taillight or brake light.

Electrical Switch Replacement

A quick swap of a light switch can dramatically improve the look of your wall.

Hot Water Tank Tuneup

Replace the elements in your electric hot water tank to make it run like new!

Shower Leak Repair

Replace the washers in your shower faucet to stop annoying drips.

Toilet Flapper Valve Repair

This is the most common type of toilet repair, and fortunately, one of the easiest! If your toilet keeps running or refilling on its own, replacing the flapper valve will fix the problem.

Toilet Handle Repair

A simple toilet handle repair. Although it is rare for a toilet handle to break it is possible.